The Portfolio of Barry Woodhall


Here I have redesigned Skype’s eGift Card page focussing on the user’s overall experience, interaction and card sales for the website. 

To compare please visit (Design in use on the 26th April 2014).

Their current design seems to be failing to engage users emotionally which is something that I have tried to address by updating the imagery with a theme that plays more on friends, family and togetherness.

In terms of sales for the website I’ve inserted a buy now button in the banner for ease of purchase as soon as you land on the page and another further on down the page.

Skype list some practicalities for using their service but they don’t really emphasise on the emotional practicalities which is something that I have tried to incorporate within the design.

People love to personalise and make things ‘their own’, by providing users with more customisation options I hope to entice the user into creating something that reflects the relationship they have between themselves and the person they are purchasing the eGift Card for.

I’ve redesigned the purchase experience so that once you click to purchase a light box will appear where you will be able to customise your eGift card easily as well as fill out all necessary information.

I think overall the design is visually appealing as well as easy to use. It has a clear hierarchy in place which will hopefully improve ease of navigation and interaction for users.  

Be arts & media conference app.

provides information such as how long until the next lecture starts as well as whether or not the room has wifi, the temperature of the room and rest room accessibility.

The social corner allows conference goers to meet like minded people that are also attending the conference.

Be Arts & Media conference - Identity design and promotional material.

Chester Identity Design Project

I designed the logo for my other blog to see the full article head over to this page

Actual sticky flyers for the band Sticky Soles

Identity design for Cheshire Aspergers Parents Support

Identity design for Cheshire Aspergers Parents Support

Business card and Identity design.